Website testing

After looking at a few different designs for websites and not being able to make a decision on which was best I have managed to get our web guys to set up some testing. 

Using Googles testing tools there are now 3 versions of the homepage (only the front page for now) available, Google is supposed to randomly allocate one to the viewer when they click to the site, I am not sure if browser history will alter this so I deleted mine in case I had cached pages.  The test should give me some idea as to which pages perform best in terms of clicks through to other pages (hopefully the shop), bounce rates (the number of people clicking straight off the site again) and time spent on the site which will then help to determine which design to go with.

The three pages are

let me know what you think by comment on here or facebook.



About safariuk

I am the Visitor Service Manager for UK tourist attraction Knowsley Safari Park. I have been in the post only for a few years and consider myself very fortunate to work in such a fantastic place. Not many people outside of Africa can take their lunch break while looking at elephants! This isn't the official blog for Knowsley Safari Park but my own views and opinions on things that may be happening at the park, in the leisure industry or anywhere else.
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