Christmas Rush

As Christmas approaches my role at the park moves towards marketing a little more than customer service. The two often go hand in hand anyway as the customer information message is telling the visitor what we are offering them and how to go about getting it to allow them to have the best visit possible, the marketing message is doing the same thing but trying to get you excited about the offers and encourage you to part with your hard earned cash in exchange for the experience.
Sometimes it is a bit of a struggle to find ways to promote your product and competitors offering the same or similar product make it even harder to get you’re product sold over theirs. This year events at the park have helped me out a bit. The birth of Troy the rhino calf has been well publicised and as my previous post says we did have a bit of a media frenzy for a few days and of course this has prompted more people to look at our website to find out what we are all about and then we can try and get them to spend in the online shop.   We offer merchandise online in the from of toys and Knowsley Safari Park themed gifts but the majority of online sales are for tickets and experiences, this is our real and unique product.  The visit to the park is what gives the “Wow!” it’s fine to look at the pictures posted on the web, to look at Google maps and see how much space the park has for the animals, but you don’t get that true impression of the park until you visit, until you have a lion steaming up the outside of your window with it’s breath, until you have had the baboons jumping onto your car for a lift around the jungle or watched them removing wiper blades from the car friendly route, until you have had to stop and wait for our crash of rhino to cross the road feet from the front of you car, until you have come face to face with a giraffe on our raised feeding platform, until you have experienced this you really don’t know what you are missing.  I’m biased of course, it’s my job to encourage visitors to the park, but this is also what the feedback from visitors says and you can read that for yourself on the facebook page, tripadvisor or reviews on the Google map listing.

For a bigger “Wow!” we offer an even closer encounters with our hour animal experiences with the animals of your choice.  Predictably the rhino are a popular choice at the moment but we still have plenty of time slots for one of these if you want one and hopefully we will have all three baby rhino running around for you when you visit.

The keeper for a day experience is always popular and some have even said it is a life changing experience, after these experiences you will never see a wider grin on someone who smells so bad, yes you can help with the mucking out.

The new VIP tour for four people has also proved popular in 2010 and offers a full day of animal encounters and your own personal guide for the day.

If you haven’t got that extra special someone the perfect gift for Christmas have a think about tickets or a gift experience from Knowsley Safari Park.

There, that’s my sales pitch done.  Thank you for reading all the way to the bottom, I didn’t intend for this post to be such a sales push but do hope to see you all in 2011.

Have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.

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About safariuk

I am the Visitor Service Manager for UK tourist attraction Knowsley Safari Park. I have been in the post only for a few years and consider myself very fortunate to work in such a fantastic place. Not many people outside of Africa can take their lunch break while looking at elephants! This isn't the official blog for Knowsley Safari Park but my own views and opinions on things that may be happening at the park, in the leisure industry or anywhere else.
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