April Showers

After the driest March on record for 50 years April has started a little wetter, thunder storms and heavy rain dampened down the first weekend of the month and of the end of term holiday for many. We shouldn’t let that get us down though as there is plenty of April left to come and most of it appears to be school holiday as those that are off from this first week of the month have two weeks of followed by no less than 4 bank holidays, Easter weekend followed by the royal wedding and May day. Many children are in school for only 7 days through the whole of April!

For Knowsley Safari Park that means we have plenty of time to make back the shortfalls of a wet weekend and the park is now in full swing to make the most of the holidays and give every visitor a great day out. The fairground rides are back open throughout the week for April and all the animal displays, talks and shows are back on for the season. The bird of prey displays by Gauntlet are a must see and you won’t believe how close these birds fly to the audience.

The PR machine is grinding out that much needed publicity and with this Knowsley Safari Parks 40th season we do need the help of those that have visited in years gone by. We are looking for any stories of great days out or tales of woe from the first few seasons of opening so if you have any pictures or stories of your visits if you made any in the 1970’s would be greatly appreciated to put into our exhibition of 40 years at Knowsley this summer. If you have any stories or pictures please email through to m.dodd@knowsley.com and you may see yourself and your tale in the summer exhibition.

Talking of PR we had a great picture taken by one of our visitors published in the Mail and then around the world of our giant car crushing baboon . Of course it was just an optical illusion but what a great picture, I hope they managed to make enough from it to repair the damage to their car, whoops!

Our restaurant staff have had a busy winter trying to prepare for a new restaurant and successfully opened the Karamoja Restaurant on Saturday 2nd April. The Karamoja Restaurant will offer a relaxing dining experience with quality meals cooked by our new chef, I tried the Cumberland sausage and bubble and squeak mash today and can definitely recommend that other meals include traditional fish and chips as well as hot pot and pasta dishes, with a selection of beers and wines also on offer I am sure this restaurant will be popular. The Oasis restaurant is still available if you want a bit of “food on the hoof” and has also had a bit of a refurbishment with the installation of a new self serve area for cold food it still has fast food favourites to offer too. The final addition to the catering offer is our new ice cream parlour, also opened for the first time on Saturday, offering Kelly’s Cornish ice cream delicious on a hot day and even proving popular on a cold wet April weekend, well done to the catering team for all their efforts I really look forward to sampling all the flavours over the season.

The keepers have really taken care of the park and the animals over the winter and now that everything is starting to turn green again the park is sure to look spectacular whenever you visit this year. The lion cubs from last year are growing fast and we hope they will be joined by younger siblings soon, the three rhino calves will soon be out and about on the reserve and our Oryx calf went out for the first time only a few days ago.

As you can see we have been working hard to make Knowsley Safari Park a bigger and better day out than ever before and we are really looking forward to a great 40th Season.

See you at the park soon


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About safariuk

I am the Visitor Service Manager for UK tourist attraction Knowsley Safari Park. I have been in the post only for a few years and consider myself very fortunate to work in such a fantastic place. Not many people outside of Africa can take their lunch break while looking at elephants! This isn't the official blog for Knowsley Safari Park but my own views and opinions on things that may be happening at the park, in the leisure industry or anywhere else.
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