Safari Tour in the Bosses Car!

Now I normally wouldn’t advise this but when your car is in the garage what else can you do?

Actually, it was our normal safari tour vehicle that was in the garage and with a tour for five people to do I needed a big car. It was a bit a problem until the Earl of Derby stepped in a rescued the situation with an offer to use his own Landrover.

Now our normal vehicle is a green 9 seater Landrover and is a great way to travel around the park as it is all hammered by the rhino on the outside and is able to handle all the terrain, no problem with the animals getting a bit close we don’t mind the odd rhino nudge or the baboons on this one.

The Earl’s landrover is a lot newer and lovely to drive, electric, windows, air con the lot but a bit new to be comfortable driving around the safari.  The guests really enjoyed the day and we got as close as we could to the animals, I had fingers crossed as we travelled through the monkey jungle with half a dozen baboons climbing all over us but we all made it through intact and with the Landrover still in one piece.  Phew!

I reluctantly handed back the Landrover after the tour and picked up my trusty Corsa.  I guess it’s true when they say “the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”

I think I actually prefer the park’s green Landrover for tours, it is certainly a lot less worrying when you have baboons all over the vehicle!

Guided safari tours are available during opening hours throughout the year and cost just £80 plus your normal admission charge for the guide and vehicle to take you around the safari drive (great if you don’t want to risk your own car) .  The vehicle can seat up to 8 guests so if you fill the Landrover it will only cost an extra £10 each!

A tour for 8 would be £200 with admission and vehicle charge (2011 pricing).

To find out more about the safari park and tours visit our website or give the park a call on 0151 430 9009.  Or to book a tour click here.
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Knowsley Safari Park was first opened in 1971 and now in it’s 40th year offers an experience to remember.  A five mile safari drive awaits you with lions, tigers, white rhino and many more animals including our infamous troop of baboons.  Get closer to the action at Knowsley Safari Park a great family day out.


About safariuk

I am the Visitor Service Manager for UK tourist attraction Knowsley Safari Park. I have been in the post only for a few years and consider myself very fortunate to work in such a fantastic place. Not many people outside of Africa can take their lunch break while looking at elephants! This isn't the official blog for Knowsley Safari Park but my own views and opinions on things that may be happening at the park, in the leisure industry or anywhere else.
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