Birds, Bats, Bug House & Sealions

The walk around area of the safari park is a busy place to be at the moment as even though the park is only open weekends at the moment there is still plenty of work going on. The main part of the work is going on at the former Lake Farm area with the construction of the new Raptor Experience that will be opening soon. The main farm building has been revamped inside and out with new aviaries being built for the birds. The outside aviaries are already starting to look impressive. The area facing the lake at the back of the building has been opened up with beautiful vistas looking over the lake to the rest of Knowsley estate, this will be the main amphitheatre for the bird of prey shows but will also make a fantastic spot for picnics in the summer.

Everything needed to develop our new bat house has been ordered and work should start on that project very soon . The bats themselves will need to be quarantined for a few months before we can make this a walk through exhibit but we hope to have a viewing window installed as well so that visitors will still be able to see the bats before this time.

Keepers in the bug house have been busy renovating the tanks for this year and hopefully the inhabitants will enjoy living in areas with more realistic and natural looking surroundings. The name bug house doesn’t really do this area justice as they also have snakes, lizards and a crocodile! If you haven’t been to visit them lately it is well worth popping in, especially as it is always lovely and warm and it’s going to get cold this weekend.

The sealions aren’t being left out and are getting a bit of redecoration for their shows with the backdrop scenery being repainted and refreshed with a great new harbour scene. 2012 is a busy year for sport and our sealion trainer, Ellie, usually comes up with some fun for the show to help get everyone in the mood so it will be good to see what she comes up with this year.

Tickets to the park are on a reduced rate at the moment as we have to close off the new bird of prey area and the woodland walk while all the work is being completed. Entrance is just £10 per person (from age 3+) with an extra 10% off if you buy our print at home tickets online.


Knowsley Safari Park is open at weekends and will open every day from 11th February 2012.

Get closer to the action at Knowsley Safari Park a great family day out where you can get up close and personal with many exotic animals such as lions, white rhino, ostrich, antelope and of course Knowsley’s infamous troop of baboons.


About safariuk

I am the Visitor Service Manager for UK tourist attraction Knowsley Safari Park. I have been in the post only for a few years and consider myself very fortunate to work in such a fantastic place. Not many people outside of Africa can take their lunch break while looking at elephants! This isn't the official blog for Knowsley Safari Park but my own views and opinions on things that may be happening at the park, in the leisure industry or anywhere else.
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1 Response to Birds, Bats, Bug House & Sealions

  1. Michael Harper says:

    Nice round up, good seeing pictures beetn meaning to visit the Sea Lion building.

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